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European Youth Card (English)

Con el carné joven conseguirás importantes descuentos en transportes, alojamientos, actividades culturales, recreativas...

If you are under 30, your transport tickets, accommodation, cultural activities, leisure and many of your purchases will be cheaper or free, in addition to having access to advantages, opportunities and benefits, both in Spain and in most of European countries.

The European Youth Card is present in 37 countries in Europe, and although it will help you get discounts, advantages and multiple benefits in all these countries, each one is issued by a different organization.

In Spain, the Youth Card is promoted by the Injuve and youth organizations of the Autonomous Communities. In Europe it is coordinated through the European Youth Card Association (EYCA): check the general conditions

And get more information in your autonomous community about the advantages it offers you near you. If you are young and want to enjoy more, do not miss this opportunity! What are you waiting for?

National discounts European Youth Card

  • Transportation: Renfe, Alsa.
  • Accommodation: Sol Meliá Group, Holiday Inn Express Hotels, Accor Hotels Hotel Group.
  • Culture: State Museums.
  • Education: CCC Studies Center, Easy Languages Abroad, Training Without Barriers, CEDEU Center for University Studies, Hypermedia Planet, Certiuni, Travel and Study.
  • Other Services: SpainBox.

(Check the links to the websites of the autonomous communities and the discount document in Spain in the news: Carné Joven / European Youth Card)